Discovering the Importance of New Media

Getting used to this idea of new media is difficult for a lot of companies that innovation comes as some kind of culture shock. Brian Solis, a world-renowned author in new media, wrote an article on the integration of social media into today’s business world and how it is helping companies move forward during a shaky economy. I just started taking a public relations class and have learned some of the fundamentals that coincide with basic, successful public relations. Solis’ article stood out to me because it pushes two-way communication in business. It’s a simple concept, work with consumers to have better products or services, which makes them happy because they’re heard and they get what they want which also helps corporations because they sell their product at a higher rate.

For years I saw myself as a journalist, striving to become the next young ESPN analyst, but that’s become even more difficult than before with the combination of newspapers slowly dying and the incredible emergence of blogs. But it has helped evolve things in social media and I’m started to realize jobs are disappearing like I once thought they’re just changing, and hopefully for the better. Social media guru, Larry Weber, posted a video explaining the importance of the evolving social landscape, and how keeping up to date can improve media relations between corporations and consumers. It’s obvious that we’re not in the middle of just some fad when Brian Solis and Larry Weber are endorsing this new trend. So with that this blog is born to try to master the cutting edge of the public relation industry in one of its simplest forms.


One thought on “Discovering the Importance of New Media

  1. I completely agree. As technology grows, other forms of communication such as newspapers, radio, and magazines are seeing a major decrease. People can now watch there shows online, commercial free, or get there news on a news feed. Its getting rid of jobs, but at the same time, creating a new era almost, of work. Its different for many, because they do not know how to adjust. It will be interesting to see how things grow and develop.

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