Dayglow and It’s Reach

This weekend Austin was hit by a huge event, the Dayglow tour, which promises the “World’s Largest Paint Party.” I was bombarded by fliers over the last week or so for the event and even had some of my friends go to it.  The event’s coordinators used Facebook to run ads for it setting up a fan page for the event to get the word out.

The word of mouth was incredible since I’ve been in Austin the only thing that I would say compared to this is ACL and SXSW, pretty good considering it’s a relatively new event starting back in 2006. They had to have a good public relations team behind the party to be so successful.  Dayglow proves the importance of social media in today’s society with its popularity growing. It’s pretty impressive for the messiest party you will find.



4 thoughts on “Dayglow and It’s Reach

  1. Eddie,
    Do you think social media helped their campaign? How so? What parts of it really spoke to you, since you are part of Dayglows target market?
    I know very little about this event and excited to learn more! Great post.

    • Honestly, I think it did while I saw physical ads for the event the reason I knew what it was, when it was, and the all around buzz of the event was primarily from Facebook. Between friends talking about it and seeing ads on the website I figured out it was kinda a big deal so in my opinion, yes, social media did and has helped their campaign. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Eddie,
    Before I saw Andrea’s comment, I was going to ask similar questions. It seems as if I heard it more from students around campus and friends rather than seeing it publicly announced or advertising. I believe that the attention it got through social media is the reason why it was so successful. Don’t you think? Plus, with facebook and the ability to upload so many photos…people now look at their friend’s pictures and want to go possibly when the Dayglow Tour comes back into town. It’s somewhat like a Apple article i read the other day and how basically Apple gets so much profit through how their consumers advertise for them through social media or other means. The comment left at the end of the article was somewhat like imagine if apple had to pay everyone for every tweet or status updated or blog about them!


    • Absolutely I completely agree with you I think if it weren’t for Facebook and other social media a lot less people would have known about it. Also like you said seeing pictures of the event on your friends Facebook not only shows people what the event looks at, but it also builds a reputation for Dayglow so next year when it comes around some people that may not have known about it know now and probably want to go themselves.

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