SXSW almost here

The temperature’s getting warmer, midterms are around the corner, and spring break is within sight, which in Austin means South by Southwest is coming. Now I know it’s still a bit away, 11 days to be exact, but I’d say it’s reasonable to start the countdown. I’ve had friends going to the entertainment festival for a couple of years and yet I’ve never been and this is the first time I’ve been in Austin during the festival so I’m definitely excited.

Being a PR student I’m not only interested in the bands and films coming to town, but what’s being done to promote the event. It’s different then a pervious post that I wrote about Dayglow simply because SXSW is in my opinion the more prestigious event with a more established history. SXSW is so big especially in this area that I’ve heard about it for weeks and while I haven’t seen a lot of ads for the event everyone here knows what it is and when it is.

So with arguably the biggest music and film festival in the United States, where will I be? … Fort Worth, yes that’s right I’ll miss the festival for a third year in a row, but one day I will actually partake in the festivities, unfortunately this year is not the year.

SXSW Schedule

SXSWeek – March 11-20

Interactive – March 11-15

Film – 11 -19

Music – 15 – 20


PR Plan for Fresh Beans

  1. Situation – Fresh Beans wants to increase sales amongst college students in the next three months.
  2. Objective – To raise awareness and increase sales within the college community.
  3. Audience – College students in Austin, TX.
  4. Strategy – Pass out free samples at nearby campus’ once a week at each campus for approximately two hours.
  5. Tactics – Start a Twitter account for Fresh Beans and try to get the word out about the free samples for anyone with a student I.D. during designated times.
  6. Calendar – Start at the beginning of February through April
  7. Budget – $0
  8. Measurement – Sales


PR Channel Stops By

Last Wednesday my public relations class was visited by Christine Cox and LuAnn Glowacz from the PR Channel group based in Austin, Texas.  LuAnn stressed the importance of using social media, but using it responsibly.

“Social media should be controlled through PR because it can be dangerous,” Glowacz said. “Social media isn’t a strategy it’s a tool. You have to have a reason, to use it, you have to have a plan.”

We have to open a twitter account this week to become familiar with the website and its use as a social media tool, which seems to be a step in the right direction since just about everyone has one, (expect me as of right now), the key is to use it effectively though which is the harder part.

I learned a lot from our guest speakers on Wednesday, and they gave us a lot of advice and a few things really stuck with me especially a few things about getting into the field. Cox had a few tips to our class about starting out.

“Be open to new things, be confident, but not overconfident.”

Tiger becomes vulnerable

In a year where millions of gallons of oil were spilled into the gulf, and basketball icon Lebron James shot loyalty in the foot to play with some friends, Tiger Woods meteoric drop from popular approval was probably the biggest public relations related story.

Going back to the night of Thanksgiving where Woods crashed his Escalade into a lamp-post a media firestorm erupted surrounding allegations, (most of which turned out to be correct), about Woods and his numerous extra marital love affairs. His image took a huge hit as he lost several sponsorships including Gatorade, Tag Heuer and Gillette dropped Woods as one of their spokesman.

These companies felt it was no longer a positive investment to have Woods be the face of their product and with his very public scandals revealed who can blame them.  Woods went from a household icon to public enemy number one in a matter of weeks.