PR Channel Stops By

Last Wednesday my public relations class was visited by Christine Cox and LuAnn Glowacz from the PR Channel group based in Austin, Texas.  LuAnn stressed the importance of using social media, but using it responsibly.

“Social media should be controlled through PR because it can be dangerous,” Glowacz said. “Social media isn’t a strategy it’s a tool. You have to have a reason, to use it, you have to have a plan.”

We have to open a twitter account this week to become familiar with the website and its use as a social media tool, which seems to be a step in the right direction since just about everyone has one, (expect me as of right now), the key is to use it effectively though which is the harder part.

I learned a lot from our guest speakers on Wednesday, and they gave us a lot of advice and a few things really stuck with me especially a few things about getting into the field. Cox had a few tips to our class about starting out.

“Be open to new things, be confident, but not overconfident.”


One thought on “PR Channel Stops By

  1. What were some of the advices that you liked? I know I freaked out when LuAnn said that we need to learn how to write. But overall, I enjoyed their visit and I cannot wait to do some more PR work in class.

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