AT&T Causes More Headaches

I was on my way back to my dorm when I noticed at our newsstand a copy of USA Today with the headline AT&T buys T-Mobile. I have T-Mobile and I like it.  It’s cheaper than AT&T I’ve never really wanted an Iphone and I’ve heard the horror stories of the terrible network that AT&T has. I basically can’t complain about my coverage and now the nausea that accompanies the AT&T coverage now gets dumped on us loyal T-Mobile customers. So what can I expect higher rates? Yup. More dropped calls? More than likely… Oh Boy I Can’t Wait! Apparently this is also a sign of things to come because Verizon will more than likely buy out Sprint to constrict our choices even more.  I’m not excited about this at all. So I’m sure our bill will skyrocket very soon and I’m not looking forward to it so thanks AT&T for somehow managing to tick me off without even having you as a provider.


3 thoughts on “AT&T Causes More Headaches

  1. I had no idea they merged. Ya know, it does suck because people like options and without more competitors, companies can raise their rates because there is no competition. People will no longer have a choice. It’s all a power trip for the companies and I’m bummed at&t meged because i was thinking about switching to mobile, but now thats out of the question. THANX AT&T THANX.

  2. I have to agree, it is disappointing that our options are becoming smaller and smaller when it comes to cell phone providers. But at the same time the merging of AT&T and T-mobile could be a good thing. Having more towers available for the company could reduce dropped calls and strengthen service and customer satisfaction even if plan options are limited. I have AT&T and I thankfully never have problems with dropped calls or service in general. I just seem to have bad luck with the phones I choose because they usually have software malfunctions.

    Maybe that should be AT&T’s next step to improve customer satisfaction. If packages are going to be limited and prices continue to stay high they need to do something in order to keep customers happy. They are going to have to adapt to keep customers. I’m interested to see how this merger will benefit AT&T.

  3. AT & T is AWFUL! I have become completely reliant on my iPhone which is the only reason that I stay with AT & T but in my opinion, the iPhone is the only reason they have any customers. I get dropped calls ALL the time and I went to buy a new case for my phone earlier today (I got a “bumper” which only covers the perimeter of the phone) and it was $30. Really? Obscene

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