Social Media in Public Relations

This blog was created for my Public Relations class and this particular post is in a way a review of the semester so far and just my opinion of social media and how it affects PR professionals. ¬†Which is unfair because I’m not a PR professional, just college kid in a PR class as of now in fact I’m not sure I’m going to pursue PR yet. But as is assigned I need to give my opinion of the tools we have used so far and how it relates to PR. So here is a quick synopsis of what we’ve used to far.

WordPress blog: You get to practice your writing, reach out to people, spill your thoughts. Verdict: Very Useful

Twitter: Similar to blogging in that it’s a message that you can put out to the public, more accessible than blogging though. Limited space to put on a message, but quick and easy to use. Ability to see what people you personally care about have to say at any given time. Verdict: Very Useful (even if I hardly use it)



Figuring out FourSquare

So there’s this little known thing called FourSquare, well its actually pretty popular. Popular enough to be mocked by College Humor actually. I have a few friends that have it I never understood it’s use I was under the impression that it was a game, which it kinda is in a way is. But there is a practical use for it apparently. When you ‘check in’ to a place you receive points and eventually badges which can lead to promotional material from the place you check in like some fast food joint.

Do I think it’s useful for a PR professional? Not really no. I see its uses, but I just don’t see how it can really help out that much for a true professional, I see a lot of kids my age using it and I think that’s where it belongs in the hands of college students on their androids and Iphones. Maybe someone will change my mind someday and I’ll be addicted to it too, but as of right now I don’t recommend it.