Hi, my name is Eddie Zayas I’m a senior at St. Edward’s University and I started this blog for my Public Relations class most of the post will pertain to Public Relations in some shape or form, but there might be something else who knows, I’m just taking it one week at a time. I’m originally from the Fort Worth area, I’m a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to the Dallas Mavericks or Texas Rangers. While this blog started out as a PR project I’m hoping to reinvent into something different, something that allows me to practice different writing styles and keep me working on something.



Eddie Zayas a sophomore at St. Edwards University, from Bedford, Texas, has lived in Texas his entire life.  While he was born in Bedford, his family is Puerto Rican and nearly all are bilingual members of society.  He graduated from Lawrence D. Bell High School in Hurst, Texas where he was a part of the varsity gymnastics team, school newspaper, and yearbook. He competed gymnastics for six years including being a part of the 2007 state champions and the captain of the team in 2009.  His junior year of high school he joined the school newspaper and after his first issue was given the Sports Editor title (probably because no one else wrote in the sports section). The following year he was named the Editor-in-Chief of the Blueprint student newspaper.  He won several awards for his writing at the Texas State ILPC conference including second place in the Sports Action category and third place in the News Feature category. He also contributed to the school newspaper with his photography from several sports venues. Not much of a world traveler, while he is Puerto Rican, other than Puerto Rico the only place he’s visited out of the country is Costa Rica, once.  Eddie believes in living in the moment and enjoying life when it happens, he’s not one to dwell on the past or become anxious of the future (most of the time). He prides himself as a creative writer, and a tenacious worker, but friendships and family are his biggest influence in life. He works well under pressure and never quits.


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