Social Media in Public Relations

This blog was created for my Public Relations class and this particular post is in a way a review of the semester so far and just my opinion of social media and how it affects PR professionals. ¬†Which is unfair because I’m not a PR professional, just college kid in a PR class as of now in fact I’m not sure I’m going to pursue PR yet. But as is assigned I need to give my opinion of the tools we have used so far and how it relates to PR. So here is a quick synopsis of what we’ve used to far.

WordPress blog: You get to practice your writing, reach out to people, spill your thoughts. Verdict: Very Useful

Twitter: Similar to blogging in that it’s a message that you can put out to the public, more accessible than blogging though. Limited space to put on a message, but quick and easy to use. Ability to see what people you personally care about have to say at any given time. Verdict: Very Useful (even if I hardly use it)