SXSW almost here

The temperature’s getting warmer, midterms are around the corner, and spring break is within sight, which in Austin means South by Southwest is coming. Now I know it’s still a bit away, 11 days to be exact, but I’d say it’s reasonable to start the countdown. I’ve had friends going to the entertainment festival for a couple of years and yet I’ve never been and this is the first time I’ve been in Austin during the festival so I’m definitely excited.

Being a PR student I’m not only interested in the bands and films coming to town, but what’s being done to promote the event. It’s different then a pervious post that I wrote about Dayglow simply because SXSW is in my opinion the more prestigious event with a more established history. SXSW is so big especially in this area that I’ve heard about it for weeks and while I haven’t seen a lot of ads for the event everyone here knows what it is and when it is.

So with arguably the biggest music and film festival in the United States, where will I be? … Fort Worth, yes that’s right I’ll miss the festival for a third year in a row, but one day I will actually partake in the festivities, unfortunately this year is not the year.

SXSW Schedule

SXSWeek – March 11-20

Interactive – March 11-15

Film – 11 -19

Music – 15 – 20